Camille Kaye will be performing live at B.I.C. Pro Audio's grand opening on Aprail 28th. Get more details on the events page

Aprail 21st 2013



Its 2013 and Camille Kaye gives the world a special treat. Today she releases a music video for "One In A Milllion", the third cut from her latest mixtape "14Kaye". This video has a special surprise in it so don't blink.

January 1st 2013


Camille Kaye has released her second mixtape "14Kaye". If you remember her first mixtape "Bad Nuh...!" which achived nomination with the Official Mixtape Awards was a blend of remixed classic reggae and dance hall songs by Midilord layered with Camille's signature vocals. On "14Kaye" Midilord has remixed classic Hip hop and R&B songs for Camille to showcase the R&B side of her. Get your copy here.

November 20th 2012


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